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Algebra II
Instructor: Mr. Sturtevant   



Course Description:

Algebra II is a second level algebra course meant to prepare students for college level mathematics. This course will be taught in direct relation to the Algebra II Mathematics Content Standards for California Public Schools (Found at . This course will also help prepare you for the SAT and the Entry Level Math test (ELM), which you will need to pass if you plan on attending a CSU or UC campus after graduation. This course will also increase your problem solving skills and expand your ability to think about and process complex material.  We will be using the Textbook: Algebra II by Dociani.

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All Schoolfusion updates will stop 1-30-2015 (This Friday). All Homework will now be posted on Google Classroom!
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See Week 6 HW link on the left for more information.
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 Notebook Check
Notebook Check Folder
Plant Project Directions and Rubric. Project due Friday 10/10
 Plant Project Example.pdf
Example of how the plant project should be completed.
 Fall Final 2014
Final Review and Study Materials
No "Homework" exist(s)

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